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There Is No Alternative (TINA)

We hear numerous market strategists talk about stocks which are going up because “there is no alternative” to owning them. In the Wall Street vernacular, this goes by the phrase TINA. What do they mean by invoking TINA as it pertains to common stocks? How does this relate to company […]

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Value’s Lifeblood is Performance Chasers

While listening to Rob Arnott on a recent Morningstar podcast, I became enamored with something that Arnott was emphatic about. He pointed out that the structural advantage of being a contrarian isn’t being smarter. Every winning purchase in the stock market comes as an opportunity cost […]

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The Inflation Cocktail is Being Mixed

In a recent interview with CNBC, a reporter asked us why Berkshire Hathaway (BRK) was buying Barrick Gold common stock shares. As a high school and college student in the 1970s, my education was formed during a time of explosive inflation and included the economic problems […]

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