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The investment marketplace suffers from information overload. Smead Capital Management seeks to cut through the cacophony of other media resources to focus on what is important to long-term common stock ownership. This comes through our missives, quarterly newsletters and appearances in the media to provide thought leadership for our potential and current investors.

1Q21 Newsletter: Winning the Peace

Our outlook for 2021 is formed by the need to get away from the crowd and to expect some very stormy weather in the U.S. stock market. We are not afraid of drowning. Therefore, we will review the circumstances at the bottom of the market in 2009 with today’s market to see where the crowd is and where we need to go to avoid the coming storm.

04/15/21 by

3Q20 Newsletter: Breaking Big Tech

You are probably aware that we do a great deal of reading, writing and watching at Smead Capital Management. We recently read Peter Doran’s book, Breaking Rockefeller, which is a fabulous economic history of the world from 1840-1920 and focuses on how the monopoly created by John D. Rockefeller was broken from 1890-1910. We also watched a documentary called, “The Social Dilemma,” which explains, through the eyes of some of the social media creators, how incredibly damaging the monopolies, created by internet technology, are to society.

10/15/20 by

2Q20 Newsletter: To Hell and Back

Everyone who owned common stocks in the U.S. went through hell in the first quarter of this year. The 36% decline in the S&P 500 Index in February and March was the fastest 36% decline of my lifetime. This hell was especially damaging to those of us who have a positive view of the U.S. economy over the next ten years.

07/15/20 by