Financial success and frontier exploration, but at what cost? 

In this episode, Cole is joined by Peter Stark, author of the book Astoria, to discuss America’s first millionaire, John Jacob Astor, and his public-private partnership strategy with Thomas Jefferson to open the North American west coast to global trade.

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In each episode, we explore investing through an entirely unique lens, bringing in authors to discuss books that have directly or indirectly influenced our investment decisions.

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Helen Rappaport – After the Romanovs

September 26, 2022

“There was an overwhelming feeling of melancholy, of loss, that they could never adjust to.” Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author Helen Rappaport joins Cole to discuss her book, After … Helen Rappaport...

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Peter Doran – Breaking Rockefeller

September 12, 2022

“At the end of the day, money is what was most important to John D. Rockefeller.” Peter Doran joins the podcast to discuss his book, Breaking Rockefeller: The Incredible Story … Peter Doran...

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The Smead Book List – Fall 2022

September 6, 2022

Interested in what’s on the Smead Capital Management book list? In this episode, Cole, Bill, and Senior Analyst Seamus Sullivan list the books they have recently read, what they’re currently … The Smead...

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Matthew Bernstein – George Hurst: Silver King of the Gilded Age

August 22, 2022

Matthew Bernstein joins Cole to discuss his book, George Hearst: Silver King of the Gilded Age. Matthew’s book examines Hearst’s unique path to building a mining empire, his career in … Matthew Bernstein...

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Scott McNealy on ‘High Noon’ authored by Karen Southwick

August 8, 2022

Through the lens of Karen Southwick’s book, High Noon, Cole is joined by former Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy to explore the author’s work and the company’s history. Scott was … Scott McNealy...

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Mary Childs – The Bond King

July 25, 2022

To understand the bond market, you have to understand the Bond King. In this episode, Mary Childs joins Cole and Bill to discuss her book, The Bond King: How One … Mary Childs...

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