2024 Smead Investor Oasis

The 2024 Smead Investor Oasis will be held on Monday, February 5, 2024 in Scottsdale, AZ. 

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2023 Smead Investor Oasis: Presentations and Replays

“Magical ROE: Revisiting the Dead Art of Financial Statement Analysis" presented by CEO and Portfolio Manager, Cole Smead, CFA

During the 2023 Smead Investor Oasis, Cole Smead, CFA, CEO and Portfolio Manager, presented “Magical ROE: Revisiting the Dead Art of Financial Statement Analysis.” In his presentation, Cole discussed why increasing interest rates, cheap valuations and stock buybacks can cause elements of financial statement analysis to become magical.

Fireside Chat with Anas Abuzaakouk, President and CEO of BAWAG

Anas Abuzaakouk, President and CEO of BAWAG Group, joined us for a fireside chat at the 2023 Smead Investor Oasis. BAWAG Group is headquartered in Vienna, Austria with a presence across continental Europe. During the presentation, Anas discussed several topics including current opportunities in European banking, rising interest rates and his unique point of view as an owner-operator.

“Is “Not Trading” Informative? Evidence from Corporate Insiders’ Portfolios” by Luke DeVault, Assistant Professor of Finance at the Powers College of Business at Clemson University

In his research piece published in the Financial Analysts Journal titled, Is “Not Trading” Informative? Evidence from Corporate Insiders’ Portfolios, Luke has found that trades made by investors with insider positions at multiple firms can sometimes reveal information about both the traded and non-traded position(s). What information do these trades reveal, and why do “not-sold” stocks outperform “not-bought” stocks? Luke’s presentation will cover the answers to these questions and discuss how the data can provide value-relevant information about insider holdings. 

"Value Investing from Graham to Munger" by Bill Smead, CIO

Bill Smead, Chief Investment Officer, presented “Value Investing from Graham to Munger.” In his presentation, Bill discussed how value investing has moved from the here-and-now of Ben Graham to Charlie Munger’s style of compounding returns in a business. Bill also explained why the opportunity knocks for a return to Graham’s foundations to help avoid stock market failure.

Live Podcast Recording with Author, Amity Shlaes

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Presentation Copies

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2024 Smead Investor Oasis

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