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Too Active, Too Passive: Too Little Understanding

The wealth management and institutional consulting communities have allowed indexing to be called “passive” investing and stock-picking disciplines to be called “active” management. This implies a mindless approach to indexing and a great deal of busyness to stock picking. A number of recent articles and commentaries have been written which question the viability of stock-picking disciplines in an era of numerous indexing choices and ETF vehicles. We at Smead Capital Management believe these labels are at the heart of a great deal of confusion about what works and what doesn’t work in both equity mutual funds and separately managed accounts.

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The Price of Glamour

William Smead Chief Executive Officer Chief Investment Officer Dear Fellow Investors: The list of glamorous growth stocks getting hit by what we call “minefield” price declines is getting fairly long. Some of the more influential names which have suffered sharp, swift declines include Nike (NKE),

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Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain

William Smead Chief Executive Officer Chief Investment Officer Subscribe to the Missives Podcast Click here to listen to this Missive Dear Fellow Investors: It appears that the sharp increase in Oil prices occurring in reaction to the unwinding of dictatorships in the Middle East has

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